April 2023 Newsletter

Spring has Sprung!!

April got off to a great start with another brilliant ‘Share’ event, the Gardeners Social/Seed & Plant Swap on 1st April was well attended and had a great ‘buzz’. There were plenty of interesting seeds and plants to exchange and some great conversations being had about all sorts of gardening subjects. The event raised some valuable funds for Green Ilminster and the Share & Repair shop too.

Unfortunately, our Easter Scavenger Hunt had to be cancelled at the last minute due to the closure of the cycle way footpath – a great disappointment for all concerned. We are planning to hold our next Scavenger Hunt in the Autumn.

For the rest of April, we are planning to push forward with our initiative to highlight the litter problem in and around our lovely town. Some of the roads leading out of the town are terrible. We will be doing our best to clear some of this rubbish and we will be putting up some signs which have been designed by one of our Board members Haz John-Taylor. They are really eye catching and carry a message which we hope will have the desired effect. Littering is one of the few environmental issues which could be easily solved with some thought and compassion for our natural world. Our Town Council is also supporting our initiative…. keep your eye out for our campaign posters!

On 16th April we will also be holding a community litter pick so everyone can come and do their bit too! Please find details of the event here.

The Ilminster Tree Project has had a great final push and planted its last trees of the season, at the end of March. They will not be  ‘resting on their laurels’ however as there will be lots of vital maintenance work going on over the summer. Volunteers are needed just as much over the summer months, checking our trees, clearing grass and Balsam bashing! Volunteer days will continue to be the last Saturday of the month and before we know it, we will be heading back into tree planting season again in the autumn. Find out how you can get involved here.

Our Share & Repair shop has settled into a great rhythm – we are working on our systems all the time to keep improving our service and continue to receive a steady flow of repairs. We are always looking for new volunteers in all areas of our project – at the moment we are particularly looking for volunteers with sewing skills, especially if you are good at replacing zips!! Find out more here.

Green Ilminster